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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Peter's Top Ten Most Desired Re-releases

HD remasters of classic games and services such as Virtual Console, Good Old Games, Steam, and Playstation Network have made older titles available to those that might have missed them the first time around, and provides us old-timers a change to revisit old favorites (me being at the ripe age of twenty, I apparently can now classify myself as an 'old-timer'). However, there are quite a few titles that remain languishing in the distant past, playable only if one decides to dig their old consoles from the closet or spend $50 on eBay in the hope of securing a copy.  To that effect, I have compiled a list of ten games/series that I, personally, would most  like to be made available, either through an HD remake or a digital release as a Playstation Classic or the like. And so without further ado...

10- Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King (PS2)

Confession time- I've never actually finished Dragon Quest VIII. I got both it and the first Kingdom Hearts along with my PS2 back in the day, but for some reason I never was able to finish one of the best turn-based RPGs on the system (heck, my sister made it further than I did). I would love to give it another try, especially after playing through Dragon Quest IX and the Zenithia games on DS. An HD remake or PS2 Classic version of this great game wouldn't go amiss.

9- Silent Hill 2/ Silent Hill 3/ Silent Hill 4: The Room (PS2)

Yes, I know that there was already an HD collection for the Silent Hill games, but by all accounts it was terrible, using unfinished beta code and spoiling the atmosphere these survival horror classics were known for. I want to play these games, but not if I have to experience inferior versions. If a proper HD Collection really isn't possible, then it'd be nice to at least see these games released as PS2 Classics. And, come on, the so-called HD Collection left out Silent Hill 4: The Room. YOU'RE TEARING ME APART, KONAMI! (I am so, so sorry)

8- Shadow Hearts series (PS2)

This is one that seems unlikely, as the company responsible for the Shadow Hearts role-playing games dissolved years ago and the rights to the series are currently in the hands of a company that makes pachinko machines. Still, as long as we're dreaming, I would love to see these gothic-horror themed RPGs released on the PSN, since I've always wanted to play them. 

7- Xenosaga series (PS2)

I enjoyed Xenogears for the Playstation, but I was not overly fond of the first episode of the Xenosaga trilogy. However, I've heard so much praise (and phenomenal music) from Episode 3 that I want to give the games another try. Namco Bandai has mentioned the possibility of a Xenosaga HD Collection if there's enough interest, and as such fans have put together a petition in order to convince them, dubbing it 'Operation KOS-MOS' after the series' iconic android character. You can learn more from their Twitter account.

6- Final Fantasy XII - International Zodiac Job System (PS2)

With it's host of gameplay improvements and additions, as well as the success of the excellent Final Fantasy X HD Remaster, myself and numerous other Final Fantasy fans have been clamoring for XII to receive the Remaster treatment. Fun fact- Dragon Quest VIII came with a demo disc of FFXII, and due to this earlier association, my fantasized HD collection would package both Final Fantasy XII (a game that I love) and Dragon Quest VIII (a game I'd like to replay and finish) together into one amazing Ivalice-and-Yangus fueled extravaganza.

5- .hack series (PS2)

.hack was an interesting multimedia and episodic gaming experiment, although how successful it was it open for debate. Personally, I've always been fascinated by this series, but tracking down these games is a difficult endeavor, as they have become quite rare (a used copy of Quarantine can go for upwards of $100). Whether by PS2 Classic or HD Collection, I'd like to have the chance to play the .hack games without breaking the bank.

While we're on the subject...

4- .hack G.U. series (PS2)

...ditto for the sequel series, G.U., which I also have always wanted to play and could potentially look quite nice in HD.

3- Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (PSP)

For some reason, Crisis Core hasn't had a digital release, and is only available in physical form for the PSP- meaning that Vita owners are unable to play what I consider to be one of the better FFVII spinoffs. With Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, another game to not be released on the PSN, being included with Kingdom Hearts 2 as a part of Kingdom Hearts II.5 HD ReMix, I think it's only fair that Zack Fair's story be retold. 

2- Chrono Trigger (DS)/ Final Fantasy VI (GBA)

I'm cheating by including two games in one spot, and the reason for this is because they are two of the best 16-bit RPGs ever made. I specify the DS and GBA remakes because, in my opinion, those are the definitive versions, with revised scripts and additional content. After the recent release of Pier Solar HD offered both HD visuals and the original 16-bit art, I think console versions of Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI that had a similar option would be amazing.

1- Lost Odyssey (Xbox 360)

Lost Odyssey was an Xbox 360 exclusive title developed by Mistwalker Studios, created by Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi. The pedigree behind this game is astounding, with some claiming it to be the best JRPG of the past generation. Unfortunately, I have never owned a 360 and have no desire to purchase a Microsoft console. While the fate of the Lost Odyssey IP remains ambiguous- it's likely that this game will never again see the light of day- a multiplatform rerelease on current-generation hardware has been a fantasy of mine for years. And while it may never happen, that's the purpose of a list such as this, right? To dream. 

And with that said, thank you for reading!

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