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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Quick Update: Dark Souls and Virtue's Last Reward.

Howdy, y'all,

So I finally fulfilled a promise to myself that I made back in 2011, and picked up a copy of Dark Souls. With Bloodborne on the horizon, I figured I no longer had any excuse for avoiding From Software's atmospheric dark fantasy action-RPG. I've been curious about the Souls games ever since I finished high school, but was never able to build up the courage to try them because of their reputation as being infuriatingly difficult. Still, curiosity won out in the end, and I'll hopefully have a first impressions post up next week.

Of course, that leaves the lingering question of, how goes my progress in Virtue's Last Reward? Well, VLR remains an enthralling narrative experience, just like the first game in the series, but it also runs quite a bit longer than 999 did. With numerous branching paths and the addition of 'plot locks' that gate off certain story paths until specific information is received along a different one, there is a lot more content here than one would expect from a typical visual novel. While I'm still engaged in the story, I'm starting to feel a little bit fatigued with the Zero Escape style of puzzle-solving (starting a puzzle game right at the start of the semester might have been a bad idea), so it's slow going. I still intend to finish it, however.

I'm also trying to come up with more substantial content for the blog, since these smaller news snippets and and pieces of prose I come up with in between articles for the Journalism class shouldn't make up the majority of posts here. I received a positive response from the Memoria review, so expect some more album reviews, as well as another Yu-gi-oh! Deck Profile discussing the Evolsaur archetype.

Until next time, dear reader!

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